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4 Latest and Greatest Australian Basketball Champion Teams

Australia has eight awesome professional men’s basketball teams to follow. Of these teams, four are frequent and recent champions. The volatile nature of the men’s professional basketball league requires you to pay close attention to league creation, dissolution and standings to know which one to support. Of the four following champions, just three are still participating in the league. Read on for more information.

Perth Wildcats (2014, 2010)

With six championships under their belt, the Perth Wildcats hold the most wins of any team in the league. The main rivals of this team are the next on the championship holders list, the New Zealand Breakers. Key players on the Wildcats’ roster include MVP Jermaine Beal, MVP Kevin Lisch, rookie of the year Tom Jervis and top defence player Damian Martin.

New Zealand Breakers (2013, 2012, 2011)

Although this team is based outside of Australia, it’s been given rights to play in the National League. The team’s success on the court likely plays a role in this decision. The Breakers hold four championship titles, the most recent of which is from 2013. This team usually goes head to head with the Wildcats during the playoffs. The Wildcat’s best players include Cedric Jackson and Thomas Abercrombie.

South Dragons (2009)

The now defunct South Dragons made quite a bit of headway during their two years with the National League. The South Dragons played alongside the Melbourne Tigers for that city. Since the Dragons were a brand new team for the 2006/2007 season, everyone regarded them as the underdogs until they finished strong with a 2009 championship win.

Melbourne Tigers (2008)

The Melbourne Tigers, now known as the United, won their most recent championship in 2008. Despite the hard work of key players Seth Scott and Chris Goulding, the United haven’t won another since. Coach Chris Anstey currently has his eyes set on a 2015 win with help from Nate Tomlinson and Owen Odigie leading the rest of the team.

Fan Favourites

Until a championship team comes and takes the Dragons’ place, the three participating champs listed above will still retain the favour of fans. Any one of those teams could win the championship for 2015, though the two most likely contenders are either the Breakers or the Wildcats. This is especially true if their key players go on to participate in the national team games. Root for your favourites to support your team on their road to victory.