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About Andy Badger

Hi there. It’s great to meet you all. My name is Andy Badger, though most people just call me by my last name in true sports fashion. While living in Australia, I’ve played nearly all of the sports games out there, including lacrosse, football and racquetball. Despite my experience participating in different sports, my favourite to watch and play remains basketball.

My love for this sport grew from late nights shooting hoops with my older brothers and dad. Even mum joined in on the fun when she could. We all loved to shoot three pointers and hear the swish of a perfect basket. My entire family watches basketball games together on a regular basis to this day. Friendly competition ensues when our favourite teams and players make it to the playoffs or special teams, respectively.

I made this site so you could feel the love I have for this amazing sport. Basketball is alive and well in Australia with so many different divisions, teams and players to watch. Whether you like watching men’s, women’s or youth leagues play, Australia has a game for you to enjoy. You can learn about fan favourites and underdogs from my articles. I hope you check back in often during the regular season, playoffs and beyond for basketball news and critiques. Thanks for visiting!