Badminton Kit Bags

Badminton is a fun sport and a great form of exercise. To be a knockout badminton player, you have to have lightning-fast feet, and strong technique. If you already know how to play badminton but want to elevate your game, you will have to find a way to maximize your strengths and exploit your opponent’s weaknesses.

A badminton kit bag is important for badminton player. Kit bags are designed to carry following equipment’s of players:

  •  2 to 5 Badminton Rackets
  • Pair of Badminton shoes
  • Grips , String ,Towel
  •  Badminton Uniforms
  • Mobile phone , Key and wallet

Following are the important characteristics of Badminton Kit bags:

  • Kit bags should easily accommodate the rackets as per your game requirements.
  • Kit Bags should be durable in nature so that it can provide you a long lasting performance.
  • Most fragile part of any kit bag is its zipper. Zipper is the part which damage first so player need to check the quality of zipper.
  • Backing or Lining of kit bags is also important as it provide support to kit bags.


 Badminton kit bags are important for badminton player as it provides opportunity to keep the badminton equipment safe and clean for long and durable use. If proper padding and safe compartments are not provided in kit bags than it may cause the damage of racket so players need to be careful while select the kit bags.  Attractive kit bags add style of players overall look.

Kit bags should provide following key benefits to player: 

  • Kit bag should be lightweight in nature.
  • It should easy to carry.
  • It should provide safe and secure storing of badminton equipment.
  • It should be attractive so that player can carry it with confidence and style.
  •  Kit bags fabric and its material should be durable enough to provide long lasting performance.
  •  Its zipper and closing mechanism should me smooth in operation.
  •  Hand and shoulder straps should be padded and durable in use.

Different manufacturer offer different features, material and unique design in kit bags while as a player, you should check the latest trends in market before you go for purchase.

  1. Yonex SUNR 9626 BT6: 

Compartment and lagre kit bags for professional players with good quality material,zipper and shoulder straps.

The size of the kit bag is 79cm X 28cm X 35cm Which gives sufficient space to store the badminton equipment of individual players. Adjustable shoulder straps are padded in nature which provides better comfort for carry the bag easily.

  1. LI Ning ABDC004: 

This badminton kit bag is made of latest fabric with very attractive texture on top of it. Two hand straps are provided to that player can easily carry it.

  1. Thrax GTx Series: 


Size of the kit bag is 75cm Width: 30cm Height: 35cm.

It is used attractive 3 color design with blue, red & white colors. It can easily carry 7 to10 rackets, pair of shoes, badminton dresses, keys, wallets and other small accessories.

  1. Yonex SUNR 8726:  

It is very attractive and latest kit bag. It is new features , bigger space for storage , Thermal Lining for racket safety and separate shoe compartment.

It is a jet black and red color kit bag with very attractive design. Two very high quality shoulder straps are provided for caring the kit bag easily.

  1. LI Ning ABSL392 11: 

This racket kit bag is specially developed for 2019 with all new features and good quality material. Knitted material provides lightweight kit bags feel to player with easy to carry options.  Very nice and attractive kit bags.

  1. Thrax Astra Series: 

This kit bag is mid-range kit bag. It is 2 big compartments kit bag with separate shoe and accessory pocket. Size of the Kit bag is 75 cm X Width: 20 cm X Height: 33 cm.
This kit bag used attractive 2 color design with Blue, and orange colors. Its 2 main compartments can easily carry 7 to 10 rackets, pair of shoes, badminton dresses, Keys, wallets and other small accessories.
One front pockets is provided so that players can store small items lime wallets, Mobile, Keys safely.

  1. Victor BR8208 Q: 

This kit bag is professional level kit bags made with high quality material. Dimension of kit bag is 77 X 25 X 32cm.

Kit bag is equipped with professional level separate compartment for storing the rackets safely while separate compartment for storing the shoes and other accessories.

Overall, very attractive kit bag with new feature to store and carry the badminton equipment as per professional players need.

  1. Victor BR9307 F: 

It is traditionally designed kit bag for advance badminton players. Kit bags dimensions are 78X30X32cm while it is made from polyester and PU material.

Kit bag is equipped with professional level separate compartment for storing the rackets safely while separate compartment for storing the shoes and other accessories. Multi-function inner pockets are provided to storing the small items like mobile phone, wallets.


This kit bag is manufactured with two main compartments on which 4 to 5 rackets can be store easily.

Second compartment is suitable for storing the items like towel, shuttlecock, and grips. Kit bag design is very attractive.

  1. Thrax Mx01: 

It is mid-range kit bag suitable for beginner to intermediate badminton player with kit bag dimension 70 cm Width X 20cm X Height: 26 cm. This  kit bag is equipped with 2 large compartments suitable for carrying 4 to 5 rackets with other badminton equipment’s  like towel, grips, string water bottle and other equipment’s.

A large size shoe compartment at backside is provide so that players can easily store the shoe and secure the main compartment from dust. The kit bags easily carry and safely.


As we explained earlier, Badminton kit bag is important part of badminton game as player need to store and carry the equipment safely in kit bag.

While all brands are very good option for selecting the kit bags on the other hand, Indian Brands  are providing the value for the money and offers grade quality and cost effective options to players.

So enjoy playing Badminton!