Jump Into Australian Basketball Mania

Basketball in Australia: Popular Beyond Belief

Although basketball was developed in 19th century America, it quickly took Australia by storm several years later. Since then, basketball has grown in popularity in dividends. Today Australians favour basketball over previous favourites, like rugby and cricket. Youth, men and women all participate in basketball clubs from junior levels to professional leagues. Keep reading to learn more about these fun divisions.

Youth Leagues

Kids ranging from age five to eighteen participate in youth basketball leagues to learn the basics. Coaches teach rules, movements and strategy to these youngsters. As kids grow out of this age bracket, many of them continue playing for their chosen universities.

If the players show enough potential, some even obtain scholarships to continue participating in the basketball leagues while working toward a degree. Fans of all ages come watch the university games to cheer on their favourite players.

Women’s Pro Clubs

Scouts begin recruiting players as they enter their first years at university. Scouted players end up on professional teams if their performance continues improving during schooling. Players have a choice of 10 different women’s professional basketball clubs.

National players who do well enough throughout the year go on to play at the world championship and Summer Olympics on the Opals, Australia’s national team. The most popular teams are the Bendigo Spirits and Canberra Capitals.

Men’s Pro Clubs

Male players also begin experiencing recruitment for professional teams while playing on their university roster. The number of men’s professional basketball teams has reduced from nine to eight due to recent restructuring efforts.

Like the women’s league, the best players go on to participate in world games and the Olympics on the national team called the Boomers. The men’s league teams net the most viewers on television and in person. Fan favourites include the Perth Wildcats, Adelaide 36ers and Melbourne United.

How to Watch

If you want to participate in the excitement, you can buy tickets for any of the university and professional games throughout the season. You can also just watch the games online or on your television. Basketball season in Australia runs from October through March. After that, you can watch the four best teams of the season finish up with the finals. Special world or Olympic games run during their respective seasons as well. The summer Olympics run every four years. World games run throughout the year, timing depends on the division.