Best Badminton Grip For Sweaty Hands

Best Badminton Grip For Sweaty Hands

No towel please…. I hate it,this reaction seems by the players everywhere.
Badminton is the sport which we have to play with force and techniques . So the racket with         best grip is must for the player because,that grip helps player to play.  Though sweat is the             biggest problem for the players.
To overcome with this situation most of the peoples looking for the sweat free grips .  For            sweaty  hands the excellent options is to use Yonex Aerocush for sweat free grip.  This gives good  grip and also has pores which helps to absorb the sweat.  Grip powder is also good solution for  rackets better.

Which badminton grip should use in the trouble for the sweaty hands.  So this article is about the best grips for sweaty hands with their features.

What badminton grip to buy ? Things to consider when choosing badminton grip.

There are several kinds of badminton grip tapes, all in different colors and sizes.But have you ever wondered for what they are for?

First off, I am going to tell you that you are right when you say it is for aesthetics!   In sports, everybody wants to own the most beautiful and unique gear..  this is very true as well among Badminton players.

Therefore, when choosing your badminton grip you need to be wary about the thickness of the grip as this will definitely cause you to inadvertently grip your racket tightly/loosely.

The right badminton grip can maximize your performance.   Badminton grips can also help absorb the sweat flowing from your arm; and provide you with a comfortable feel of your racket throughout your game.

When it comes to choosing grips, understand that there is no one “best” grip. You should use a grip to suit your style of play.


Mainly there are two types of the grips.

  1. Rubber grip
  2. Towel grip
Let’s know more about them

  1. Rubber grip

  • Over grips – this grip is used to surround your replacement grip so it adds a variety of texture for better control.  Over grips is very cheap to change so it saves you a lot of money in the long run.  Although this makes racket  heavier.

  • Replacement Grip – this replaces the original grip that the racket came with.

The problem with the rubber grip is that when it becomes very wet, they become extremely                 slippery  So when you have sweaty hands it is not recommended for you to choose the rubber             grip, otherwise you wont have proper control and power during games.

2.Towel grip

Towel grip is recommended when you have very sweaty hands or when you expect to sweat                 more than usual such as when you will be having extensive training as you will perspire more.   One thing you could also do is get a cloth wrist band so it absorbs some of the sweat from your arm and prevents it from flowing through grip


So for more effects here below some grips mentioned which will be perfect for sweaty hands.

Top 5 Badminton grips for
sweaty hands

For more conveniency below some badminton grips are given so one can go through it.

1. Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel



1.  It is the only grip that gets tacky when hand sweats.Generally grip is dry but when players hand starts to sweat the grip receives sticky to make grip better.
2. Grip technology of this grip makes hold steady and tackle slippage.This grip is not only design for tennis rackets but also for badminton, baseball etc.


1.  Dry and tacky
2. Best for sweaty hand


1.  The gripping is not smooth

2. It can also buy from amazon

2.Senston New Racket Grip

The grip comes in five pack with different colors.  It is an anti-slip grip.  The uneven surface                    contributes a comfortable grip sense and prevents hand slipping from the handle.


1.   5 colorfull pcs
2.  The surface is not tack
3.  Long lasting color grip


1.    Squishy and comfortable
2.   Best in quality
3.  Colors make racket unique in design


1.  For some the grip is so much thick.

3.Yonex Super Grap Over grip

It is good quality tennis grip which will available in your budget .It stays soft even if it                          absorbs  sweat and becomes sticky.But keep in mind one thing that to do some extra                            cleaning   when you replace the grip tape.


  1.  Grip comes with one roll that has 3 strips
  2. There is grip tape with badminton grip
  3. It can also used for squash.,tennis etc.


1.  Excellent for humid and hot weather
2.  High quality
3.  Long lasting


1.  It is not sticky as it tells.


4.Head Super Comp Over grip


It is highly recommendable.  It gives soft and comfortable feeling.  This grip is durable and gives  you service for a long time.  The wrap of the grip is not different.  The wrap has tackiness to  make sure that grip doesn’t get loose while playing.


1.   It has particular elastic material.

2.    Its color is white color.


1.   Strong and long lasting grip
2.   Absorbs sweat quickly
3.    Easy to use


Thin grip makes it uncomfortable.


5.Wilson Pro Over grip


This grip is high in quality and all rounder badminton grip.  The microfiber grip of this racket is   stretchable and gives optimal feel.  You will find the grip is super thin,highly stretchable.


1.     Surface of the grip is highly stretchable.
2.    Polyurethane construction with super thin ,high stretch felt easy cover application is                            possible  for pointed starting.
3.    You will find grip in different colors.


1.    Long lasting
2.    Sticky grip
3.    Feels good while playing


Soft but not comfortable



The Badminton racket handle actually comes in different sizes. When you shop for your very first Badminton racket at your local shop they may not actually ask you about your preference.   It may be a good idea to get a thinner racket grip than you would otherwise get.

The advantage of having a thinner grip is that you can wrap it thicker when you need to without  actually increasing the handle width. You can do this until you get more comfort and cushion. The thinner handle also gives yo more control because of the fine movement s of your fingers. If  you have bought a thicket grip in the first place you wont be able to adjust it.