Playing Badminton is just FUN!!!!!! Badminton is one of the amazing games to play. The basic requirements of the game are a shuttle and rackets. One of the foundation things in playing badminton is the GRIP Style. There are various different ways to Grip a racket , you should use some of them with which you feel comfortable. Stroke’s power and accuracy decrease if racket is hold wrongly. Mostly, one grip isn’t enough ,changing grips is better.

Badminton players can be classified as a Control player or a Power player. Control players uses a variety of shots to score. He/she may use clears,net shots, drops and other deception techniques. The control player likes long rallies and rely on their opponents to make a mistake caused by their accurate and deceptive shots. On the other hand, Power players are the more aggressive type of playing style. These players rely on their smashes, jump smashes and drives. They win games by overwhelming their opponents with relentlessness sequence of strikes and attacks.

There are various grip styles among which towel grip is one of the important.Towel grips are usually made by cotton. Cotton is an excellent material for absorbing sweat. Towel Grips are very thick and sometimes heavy. If you opt for a power play, towel grips might be advantageous for you. Towel grips provide better short-term grip and are extremely light. These grips wear out very easily and a lot of sweat can degrade it faster and make it slippery. They are also quite expensive. So some of the best badminton grips are –


Benefits of a good Badminton grip-

  • More powerful smashes.

  • More accurate net shots.

  • Stronger smash defense.

  • Deceptive strokes.




The three basic types of badminton grip are as follows-

#1 Rubber Badminton Grip

#2 Towel Badminton Grip

#3 Badminton Overgrip



Usually made with synthetic rubber fused with an outer layer of cotton or other synthetic absorbent cloths, the towel badminton grip is an excellent choice for absorbing sweat.However, inferior variations of towel badminton grips can be thick and heavy, the cloth may also stop absorbing sweat after a while, becoming stiff and uncomfortable. Selection matters

-it is a great badminton grip if:

  1. You like furry stuff

  2. You have a leaking palm


#1- Maintain very good friction and feel.

#2- Recommended when you have very sweaty hands as it absorbs sweat.

#3- Start to smell quicker after use.



#1- Not long lasting as compared to rubber grip  because they become very stiff ,which makes feel uncomfortable.

#2- It gets hard after sometime because it tend to hold more sweat.

Towel grip at beginning is excellent but depending on how much you sweat the grip looses its gripping capability and hardens , which can be improved by –

  1. Changing the grip often

  2. Using Grip powder

  3. Rubbing with the grip over the edge of a table so the little fibers don’t stick to each other.

  4. Using numerous (identical) rackets

  5. Try wearing wrist bands to avoid sweat dripping from your arm to your hand.



#1 Grip Length

#2 Grip Width

#3 Grip Thickness

#4 Grip Material



To get required  thickness and protection from sweat we wrap a badminton grip tape. Firstly,  start to cover the racket handle with the tape. If you want a thick one than keep wrapping and  overlapping the tape in the same place, until you are satisfied. Or else keep wrapping until the top. It will not work properly for your hand, if the wrapping is not done correctly and smoothly.

 Your Professional badminton techniques flourishes when we choose best badminton grip with best rackets. The hold of the racket gets comfortable and robust with the use of grip. With the help of the playing style and the technique, it is to be considered that which grip racket would be perfect. In this way, a badminton towel grip should be wrapped.



According to the reviews , products , and many such factors  the top five or best badminton towel grips are as described below. Badminton Towel grip absorbs sweat very well. However, it needs to be changed often. Badminton Towel grip has a very comfortable feel. Towel grip is similar to replacement grip. It has an adhesive on the back.


Key Specifications-

  • Available in variety of colours like Magenta, Black, Yellow, Wine Red ,Orange.

  • Comfortable with improved absorbency.

  • Width 32mm

  • Material – 100% cotton

  • Length- 660mm

  • Thickness- 1.35mm.

  • To buy  ,visit site –




Key Specifications-

  • Material- 100% cotton

  • Width – 30mm

  • Length- 10000mm.

  • Absorbs vibration and sweat.

  • Provides players a feeling of security and comfort while swinging.

  • To buy, visit site –



Key Specifications-

  • Length- 900mm

  • Width-30mm

  • Thickness- 2mm

  • Material- Cotton(Double Layer)

  • It’s single layer with sweat absorption capacity.

  • To buy , visit site –

#4 YONEX ‘Ac 204 2 Tt’ Towel Grip



Key Specifications-

  • Offers extra grip and increases court experience.

  • Grip is thick and durable.

  • Material- Cotton Towel.

  • Length- 660mm

  • Thickness- 1.35mm

  • To buy, visit site-

#5 QUINERGYS  AC402EX Towel Grip

Key Specifications-

  • Absorbs sweat and non-slippy.

  • 100% Cotton of excellent water absorption.

  • Width- 30mm

  • Thickness- 1.35mm

  • Length- 740mm

  • To buy , visit site –


So now, we can easily compare the best badminton towel grip to buy. These products are easily available at online shopping sites like Flipkart,eBay, etc.

These products are the ones that have the best reviews compared to others. So with the key specifications or the special features of each one, we should decide which one to buy.

I have given you many options, now the choice is all YOURS.