Best Wall Mounted Basketball Hoops In 2020

Wall-mounted hoops are generally less expensive and are perfectly suited for friendly games in the driveway. They take up minimal room, and they come in a wide assortment of varieties and price ranges.

Walk mounted hoops range from full-size outdoor hoops you might see mounted on a brick wall to indoor hoops that you can use to play in the office or bedroom.
If you are confident screwing your own basketball hoop onto a fixed surface and you are sure you won’t want to adjust its height sometime down the line, a wall mounted rim or backboard and rim combo is probably your best bet.

Wall mounted mini basketball is often treated as more of a novelty, but it can provide essential hand/eye coordination skills to players. In the comfort of one’s own bedroom, you can have some fun on your own or with a friend or sibling playing this game. This basketball hoops can also be transformed into laundry hampers, trash cans, and other home essentials. If you are looking for a unique way to work on your game, this could be it.

In this article, we will go through some of the best walls mounted hoops and you will be able to learn what you should look for when you are looking to buy one.

Top 8 Best Wall Mounted Basketball Hoops in 2020:

1. Lifetime 73650 44 Inch Shatterproof Backboard and Rim Combo Kit

The Lifetime 73650 is one of respective Lifetime wall-mounted basketball hoops. It is 44-inch backboard provides firm support and a decent amount of rebounding area, and the Slam-It breakaway rim is well suited for dunking. One thing that’s nice about the wall-mounted system is that you don’t have to worry about poor support, and the mixed-material backboard is durable enough to resist cracking for a long time. It comes with rim features solid steel construction and bracing with double compression springs. It can be mounted on a wall, roof, eave, or pole using a universal mounting bracket.

Lifetime 73650 44 Inch Shatterproof Backboard and Rim Combo KitKey Features:

Easy to install
Compatible with most Lifetime basketball systems
Solid steel construction and bracing with compression springs
Five years limited warranty
Mounting kit sold separately

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2. Spalding NBA 44 inch Backboard/Rim Combo

The Spalding brand is known for its quality, and while their wall-mounted model may not be quite up to the standards of their portable and in-ground hoops, it still provides pretty good performance. Like the Lifetime 73650 model, it gives a 44-inch backboard and a strong, sturdy 5/8 inch rim with plenty of flexibility.
This hoop system shows a stylish design similar to professional NBA hoops, and the polycarbonate backboard works completely well in close range, though the rebounds tend to fall short from mid-range. Although the polycarbonate backboard is a little thin, it is bolstered by a stainless steel rim. It is suitable for playing with friends and family too.

Spalding NBA 44 inch Backboard Rim ComboKey Features:

5 Year limited warranty
Comes with 44-Inch polycarbonate backboard
Gives pretty good performance
Well made of stainless steel rim

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3. Lifetime 73729 Backboard/Rim Combo

The Lifetime 73729 backboard/rim combo is a specific step up from the two previous backboards. The 48-inch backboard is also an improvement over the previous models. Those extra four inches really help a lot, and the dimensions seem to more closely match the dimensions of a standard basketball hoop. The sturdy Slam-It rim can take a lot of pressure without bending or warping, and the backboard is sturdy enough to comfortably absorb the impact of repeated dunks.
Another nice feature of this backboard is the weather-resistant materials. This helps to keep your graphics looking fresh and your materials free of rust even after years of wear and tear. The backboard is designed to work with almost any universal mount, and it is convenient for both indoor and outdoor use, although you had required a large indoor area to set it up.

Lifetime 73729 Backboard Rim ComboKey Features:

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Designed with weather resistant materials
Guarantee model

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4. SKLZ Pro Mini XL

This mini basketball hoop acquires all of the basics right. First of all, it looks like a real basketball hoop then there is the fact that the rim actually gives you some resistance so you can get a legitimate rebound off of the equipment. It’s also been given a backboard that shatters resistant polycarbonate so you can work on your mini dunking skills. It has protective foam padding on the backboard and brackets helps to minimize the impact on the door damage. It also has indoor mounts that are included as well and installation only takes minutes. This is ideal for every enthusiast’s equipment collection.

SKLZ Pro Mini XLKey Features:

Quick to assemble
Clear shatter resistant backboard
Sturdiness and high quality

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5. Spalding Over The Door Unit

This mini basketball hoop is one of the amazing that gives you a steel-reinforced system that supports an 18×10.5-inch polycarbonate backboard. The bracket is preassembled and mounts right over a door foam padded bracket. The ball is 4 inches in diameter and responds fairly well to the rim, which is reasonably strong. What stands out the most with this particular system is the breakaway rim design, giving you a ¼ scale experience of an NBA game backboard. This ball is also well-designed with the consideration of actual NBA basketballs, featuring NBA Logo-man graphics.

Spalding Over The Door UnitKey Features:

Easy to assemble
Easy to use
Easy to install
Padded Door Hooks to Protect Door from Scuffing

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6. NBA Game On

The NBA Game On is a fully licensed mini basketball set that features a backboard with a logo of your favorite NBA team. The ball is fiber-filled and has a polyester cover, which reduces the amount of kickback you will receive on a missed shot. The hoop is made from a molded plastic material, as is the backboard, using a professional-grade polycarbonate. The basketball is a little larger than other sets at 5 inches in diameter, making it a little more difficult to hit that perfect swish. It also features the needed breakaway rim for bedroom dunking that may occur.

NBA Game On Indoor Basketball HoopKey Features:

Durable Set
Easy to Assemble and mount to the door
Comes with 5-inch ball
Made of durable Polycarbonate
Equipped with a unique break-way rim

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7. Stumptown Sportz Mini Basketball Hoop

With this particular mini basketball set, you get two balls instead of one and a mini basketball pump to ensure that your gear is properly blown up. The rim is made of steel and has a breakaway design that bends during dunks and gives a real bounce to a missed shot. The hanger and backboard are also padded to minimize damage and everything is backed by a complete 30-day money back guarantee.
It is a great value set comes with mini basketball hoop with 9-inch rim diameter, 2 x 4-inch mini basketballs, and a hand pump for easy to inflation.

Stumptown Sportz Mini Basketball HoopKey Features:

Sturdy and good quality
Valuable product
Comes with lots of accessories
Flexible breakaway steel rim

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8. Lifetime 5818 Basketball Rim

Lifetime 5818 basketball comes with two colors black or orange with Slam IT and the classic orange basketball rim. Lifetime’s product comes with handy bolt holes and an all-weather net, although you will have to supply the bolts yourself. The painted steel frame is incredibly sturdy; making sure it will last for years of play while also withstanding harsh outdoor weather conditions.
As long as you have got your own makeshift backboard, then this is the ultimate basketball hoop solution which is simple to install, cheap, and very durable. It provides 18-inch rim that is designed 5/8 inch solid steel for the superior strength and great durability. It is backed by a 5- year limited manufacturer warranty.

Lifetime 5818 Basketball RimKey Features:

Easy to install
Heavy duty construction
Good quality rim
Works well and looks great

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The best wall mounted basketball hoops will help you have some fun, add some skills to your game, or make a rainy day seem less boring. Whether you are looking for something to keep your kids occupied on a rainy day or a basketball hoop system worthy of a superstar, there is something out there for you. Grab yours today and you will be able to play basketball no matter where you happen to be.