Jump Into Australian Basketball Mania

Exploring the Top Basketball Teams in Australia

Before choosing the perfect team to root for, it pays to know who performs best on the court. The top Australian basketball teams have a loyal, fierce following that makes watching the games a ton of fun. Although you could root for the underdogs, you’ll still need to know your stuff about the best in the league. Read on for more information about these exciting teams in both university and national rankings.

University Basketball Clubs

Since players have tons of potential at the start of their long careers, many people like to watch the university level games. Popular university teams to watch are the Melbourne Black Angels, Adelaide Griffins and Albany Great Danes. As students graduate and move onto the professional leagues, university team rosters quickly change to cope with their loss.

You can follow great players to their respective teams on the national league to keep up with their performance. Many viewers, however, love to see the brand new recruits hit the court and begin their basketball careers.

Professional Basketball Teams

The men’s professional teams play hard in an effort to win the championship each year. Furthermore, players attempt to stand out to earn a spot on the Boomers, which is the national basketball team.

The professional teams with the most championships under their belt include the Perth Wildcats, Adelaide 36ers and Melbourne Tigers. The Tigers are now known as Melbourne United, though their roster stays nearly unchanged. The Wollongong Hawks remain the underdogs with only one 2001 championship on their record.

National Basketball League

At the end of the professional season, all eyes turn toward the national basketball league as the Boomers begin recruiting members for that season. The women’s national league team, the Opals, also begin their recruitment process at that time. Both teams retain their favourite players while giving exceptional performers of the season a chance at worldwide recognition.

Choosing Favourites

If you don’t already have a favourite, consider watching all of the divisions for some time to spot the standout players and teams on the list. You may find the competition at the university, professional or national levels favourable for your disposition.
You may even want to divide your time between the different divisions to keep a close eye on all of your favourites. Whether you root for the underdog or the proven champions, having a team to follow makes the season much more fun.