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Attack Extreme

Attack Extreme
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Product Description

Attack Extreme

  • FT1400 Attack Pole System
  • FT256 36" x 60" Steel Backboard
  • FT172DUnbreakable Fixed Goal
  • Lifetime Superior Warranty

Husbands vs. Wives

I love the excitement during a game. I love to think about how we are going to stomp them into the ground. We are playing our biggest rivals today. It is men verses women, husbands against wives. We are going to beat them and show no mercy while we do it. Those women are going to run off the court crying. I can see it now – broken nails, messed up hair and running mascara. It’ll be a disaster. We warned them they couldn’t take up on. We told them there was no way they could beat us on the court. We placed a nice bet, too. Whoever loses does all the house cleaning and cooking for a week. It’ll sure be nice to not have to pitch in for once. A week off. That’ll –

“Bob! Come on, man, if you don’t keep your head in the game we are going to lose. They are already up on us by 6 points!”

The Attack Extreme is an adjustable system that is built for your needs. It has a 36” x 60” steel backboard with an unbreakable fixed goal. It is built with an easy crank for adjustment that features a spring load to make it simple to crank to any height. It has a bolt down secure system that allows for easy movement of the system to another location.

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Attack Extreme