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Fury II

Fury II
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Product Description

Fury II

  • Fury Portable Base Unit

  • Fury Base Padding (Any Color)

  • FT210 36"x48" Acrylic Backboard

  • FT184 Recreational Flex Goal

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Shoot Some Hoops

Neighborhood rec center. Saturday. They come from everywhere in every shape, size and fitness level.

Basketball is the answer.

Dad drags the boys to shoot hoops.

Girls find out who they are. Shoot.

Guys work out their problems on the court.

From here it might just look like intense game playing, fun, recreation. But on the court there are friendships solidified, grudges resolved, family issues put to rest, and problems solved. Play hard, dig deep, have fun.

The Fury II is a portable unit that offers everything you need for your portable basketball hoop needs. It has padding on the base to protect players and a 36” x 48” acrylic backboard with a recreational flex goal. It is suitable for any age, from child to adult.

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Fury II