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Fury III

Fury III
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Product Description

Fury III

  • Fury Portable Base Unit
  • Fury Base Padding (Any Color)
  • FT215 36" x 54" Acrylic Backboard
  • FT186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Birds of a Feather

From the park bench Jack and Grandpa watch the game in progress. Up and down the court. Pass. Shoot. Rebound.

Jack says, “They look like a flock of birds, Grandpa. See how they huddle together for a few minutes and then scatter when the whistle blows? That ball is like the worm that everyone wants. They flap their arms and bounce around as they try to steal it away from the one that has it.”

“It’s like a game of ‘keep away’. Then someone tosses it into the hole to keep it safe. They all flock together again, and then scatter when the whistle blows. The game is on again. They are trying to get the worm again.”

Grandpa just nods. Birds and worms, hmmm? Then he stands and follows Jack to his own small hoop over on the kids’ side of the playground. Game on.

The Fury III provides portability and safety. It has padding to protect players and is super easy to move, with a fold down style and wheels. It is adjustable to any height to accommodate any player, from child to adult. The Fury III is a perfect addition to any court.

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Fury III