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HydroShot II

HydroShot II
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Product Description

HydroShot II

  • FT1350 HydroShot Mount System
  • FT210 36" x 48" Acrylic Backboard
  • FT184 Recreational Flex Goal
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

The Family Reunion

“If we don’t find somewhere to have this family reunion soon then I’m just gonna cancel the dang thing. We’ve looked at almost every place in a twenty mile radius. I am tired.”

“Come on Darlene; let’s just check out this last place. It sounds promising.”

“That’s what you’ve said about the last ten places.”

When they stepped out of the car, Darlene did feel a little bit of hope. The place looked nice enough, but so did half the others.

“Let’s see what this place has to offer. They better have something fun to do here.”

“Darlene, look over there! It’s a pool with a poolside basketball hoop. That is perfect. Everyone will love that!”

Darlene smiled. Basketball was the family sport and in this summer heat, poolside basketball was perfect. Finally, the perfect place to hold the reunion.

“Let’s go get this place reserved before someone else nabs it up.”

Built to entertain poolside, the HydroShot II exceeds expectations. It is a unique poolside hoop system that provides durability and function. It has a break away hoop and bolt covers. It also is rust proof stainless steel with a 36” x 48” acrylic backboard with a recreational flex goal.

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HydroShot II