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HydroShot Select

HydroShot Select
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Product Description

HydroShot Select

  • FT1350 HydroShot Mount System

  • FT220 36" x 60" Acrylic Backboard

  • FT186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal

  • Lifetime Superior Warranty

Home Makeover

Our house was boring. The kids said it everyday. They always complained about how there was nothing to do. What they needed was something to be excited about. So, I decided to give them something exciting.

I had a pool installed in the backyard. Not just any pool, though. I went extreme. It was an underground pool, surrounded by a nice patio area and it had a basketball hoop and play area. It was the perfect boredom buster.

The kids loved it. They were pretty happy with old dad for finding a way to make our house a little less boring. Mom, now she was a little apprehensive. She had her doubts. She thought they would get bored of it, too, soon. She thought I had wasted money that could have been spent on a family vacation.

Once she saw us all in the pool playing a little basketball, though, she changed her mind. She even jumped in to play with us.

The HydroShot Select easily exceeds expectations. It is not your typical plastic poolside unit. It is made of stainless steel that is strong and will not rust. It has a break away hoop and padded bolt covers. It also features a 36” x 60” acrylic backboard with a heavy duty flex goal.

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HydroShot Select