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RuffNeck Playground

RuffNeck Playground
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Product Description

Ruffneck Playground

  • FT1900 RuffNeck Pole System
  • FT260 42"x60" Steel Backboard
  • FT172D Unbreakable Fixed Goal
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty

One the Court

On the court he is a genius. He seems to know the right way to move every time. He is superior. He feels needed. He scores and he blocks. He is efficient. He knows what he is doing and he does a good job at it. He doesn’t second guess himself.

On the court he doesn’t get ridiculed. He doesn’t feel stupid. He doesn’t worry about not making the grade. Confusion, self-doubt, struggle all melt away on the basketball court.

On the court he is confident. He has a good game and he knows it. He doesn’t feel self conscious and he doesn’t worry about what people think. He doesn’t think people are making fun of him. He feels strong and he feels good about himself.

On the court he can be himself. He is accepted. He feels free. He is happy.

The Ruffneck Playground will suit all your playground needs. It can stand up to the wildest playground game. It has a galvanized steel pole and a 42” x 60” steel backboard. The unbreakable fixes goal is mounted directly to the pole and further supported with two braces.

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RuffNeck Playground