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Storm Select

Storm Select
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Product Description

Storm Select

  • Storm Portable Base Unit
  • Base Padding (Any Color)
  • FT220 36" x 60" Acrylic Backboard
  • FT186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Slam Dunk Sam

He was called Slam Dunk Sam and for a good reason. This kid could really sink those baskets. He could do a slam dunk like nobody else in the whole school. He was a super hero. Everyone loved Slam Dunk Sam.

Not at first. When he moved here is seventh grade he was awkward. An outsider.
He stayed to himself for most of the first part of the year.

Then basketball season started. He tried out for the team. He didn’t show off or seem like anything big or great. He was good, though, and he made the team.

Then, during the first game, he slam dunked two baskets. Beginners luck, they said. However, each game after that Slam Dunk Sam always managed to fit in at least one slam dunk per game.

The Storm Select offers functionality and durability in one unit. It is portable, easy to move and safe with base padding and a base that sits off court. It is easy to move and use. The crank system makes adjusting the hoop height simple. This unit has a 36” x 60” acrylic backboard and a heavy duty flex goal.

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Storm Select