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Storm Supreme

Storm Supreme
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Product Description

Storm Supreme

  • Storm Portable Base Unit
  • Base Padding (Any Color)
  • FT222 42" x 72" Acrylic Backboard
  • FT186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

A Place to Escape

She just wanted to get away. She was tired of the yelling and the fighting. Her parents started as soon as they got home from work and didnít quit until they went to bed. She didnít understand why they wouldnít just admit it wasnít working anymore. She tried to drown out the noise with music, but it didnít work.

She caught a glimpse of a basketball lying in the back yard. She had an idea.

ďIím going to the gym!Ē She hollered into the kitchen where they stood arguing over what to have for dinner.

Once in the gym she realized that she hadnít played basketball in a very long time. Did she even remember how to do it?

Bounce. Dribble. Shoot.

Rebound. Escape. Fun.

The Storm Supreme is perfect for a gymnasium or other indoor facility. It features a 42Ē x 72Ē acrylic backboard and a heavy duty flex goal. It is solid and durable with safety features that prevent tipping and protect players.

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Storm Supreme