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Titan Playground

Titan Playground
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Product Description

Titan Playground

  • FT1600 Titan Pole System
  • FT260 42" x 60" Steel Backboard
  • FT172D Unbreakable Fixed Goal
  • Lifetime Superior Warranty

How I Saved the Neighborhood

Our neighborhood had never been one of the best, but when a local gang started calling it their territory things went from bad to worse very fast. I knew something had to be done to keep our children. At a neighborhood meeting I proposed building a rec center in the old warehouse.

Many people voiced concern about getting enough money to support a center. I told them not worry about that. All I needed from them was some of their time to volunteer. I needed help getting the building ready and then supervising the kids once it opened.

I knew I could get the money. I worked hard to gather it and managed to secure four sponsors who would keep the building running for at least five years off their generous donations.

We installed a basketball court, an art room and a music room. Soon it was up and running. The neighborhood was no longer an unsafe place with the rec center. The gangs were chased out by the local police and soon kids could play without fear. The rec center became a place where the kids felt like they could go and hang out instead of getting in trouble. It basically saved our neighborhood.

The Titan Playground offers a superior game. It has 6” post that is set back 4 feet for safety. It features a 42” x 60” steel backboard with an unbreakable fixed goal. It also has the easy crank system that allows for simple adjustment of the hoop.

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Titan Playground