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Thunder Ultra

Thunder Ultra
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Product Description

Thunder Ultra

Thunder Portable Base Unit
Base Padding (Any Color)
FT225 36"x54" Tempered Glass Backboard
FT186 Heavy Duty Flex Goal
Lifetime Limited Warranty

Just a Game

Nothing is sweeter than an intense game of basketball. Long, lean bodies on the court, glistening in the sunlight. Muscles rippling with every move. The sound of the ball bouncing off the pavement. The cheers when the ball goes through the hoop. Elbows flying; legs running; excitement building.

The crowd cheering and yelling. People shouting at the referees. Whistles blowing and people groaning at a bad call. Foul shots being made. Glorious three pointers being made from half court.

The cheerleaders get the crowd going again. They shout out the team name and declare that we will win, we will stomp them into the ground. In a flurry of moves the girls have everyone on their feet, chanting along with them.

The excitement is almost overwhelming. You can feel the wave of emotions sweeping over the crowd. Just a game? Please.

The Thunder Ultra is a portable unit that is designed to be durable, yet safe. It has an easy to use crank adjustment and easy to move design. It features a 36” x 54” tempered glass backboard with a heavy duty flex goal. The base sits off court and comes with padding for extra safety.

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