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Outdoor Basketball Hoops

Attack Extreme
Compare At: $2,144.00
Our Price: $1,864.00
Attack II
Compare At: $1,806.00
Our Price: $1,570.00
Attack III
Compare At: $1,954.00
Our Price: $1,699.00
Attack Pro
Compare At: $2,259.00
Our Price: $1,964.00
Attack Select
Compare At: $2,032.00
Our Price: $1,767.00
Attack Ultra
Compare At: $2,184.00
Our Price: $1,899.00
Champ II
Compare At: $861.00
Our Price: $749.00
Champ III
Compare At: $968.00
Our Price: $842.00
Champ Nitro
Compare At: $1,125.00
Our Price: $978.00
Champ Select
Compare At: $1,066.00
Our Price: $927.00
Champ Turbo
Compare At: $1,067.00
Our Price: $928.00

Outdoor basketball hoops are quite popular. You will spot outdoor hoops all over Ė at playgrounds, at outdoor recreational centers and in driveways. An outdoor hoop requires special construction and qualities because of the fact that it is exposed to the elements of the weather. You can not just settle for any old hoop to put up in an outdoor setting. makes sure that every outdoor basketball hoop we sell is made to the highest standards. We know our hoops will meet your needs. We guarantee that they are made to withstand whatever weather may come its way, so you get a sturdy and durable hoop.

So what do you need to look for in an outdoor hoop?

An outdoor basketball hoop has to stand up to so much more than an indoor hoop. Outdoor games are usually rough and the weather conditions can be brutal on a hoop. So it is natural that you want a basketball hoop that is well built and durable. You want something that wonít fall apart a year or two after you buy it.

1. Good construction is very important and we give you that at

2. You also want to have choices. You want hoops that are stylish and look good on your court. You want a choice in backboard designs and different styles. Choices are important and we always keep that in mind by providing you with a range of options.

3. You also need something affordable. Installing an outdoor basketball hoop is not cheap because you have to put it in the ground and ensure it will be sturdy, so you want to save money where you can. We provide you with a great value because our hoops are top quality but affordable.

4. You also have to think about safety because you want a safe hoop. You do not want people to get hurt and you want to make sure that the hoop you buy is safe. Good construction and attention to detail in our hoops helps to ensure that they are very safe. We also provide optional padding that makes your hoop even safer. Our padding is thick and designed for each specific hoop we sell.

Listen- we really love basketball. Thatís why we want to be your sources for hoops and related needs. makes sure that you can find the best outdoor basketball hoop for needs by providing detailed descriptions and pictures in our easy to use online catalog. We also provide you access to our trained customer service staff that can answer any question you have in a friendly and knowledgeable manner. You can always contact our customer service staff with anything you may need. strives to bring you the best products at the best prices. We want you to be able to find whatever you need with us. We promise that you will always be satisfied when you shop with us. We never stop bringing you the newest innovations and designs to choose from. We always make sure that everything you could want or need is right there in our catalog. It is our goal to be the only place you ever shop for your basketball equipment needs.

Outdoor Basketball Hoops