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Specialty Basketball Hoops

HydroChamp II
Compare At: $2,643.00
Our Price: $2,298.00
HydroChamp III
Compare At: $2,711.00
Our Price: $2,357.00
HydroChamp Select
Compare At: $2,836.00
Our Price: $2,466.00
HydroShot II
Compare At: $4,060.00
Our Price: $3,530.00
HydroShot III
Compare At: $4,115.00
Our Price: $3,578.00
HydroShot Select
Compare At: $4,244.00
Our Price: $3,690.00
HydroSport II
Compare At: $2,471.00
Our Price: $2,149.00
HydroSport III
Compare At: $2,529.00
Our Price: $2,199.00
HydroSport Select
Compare At: $2,655.00
Our Price: $2,309.00

Sometimes you may find your situation calls for a basketball hoop that is outside the typical hoop description. What you need is a specialty basketball hoop. You can find many different types of specialty hoops, like adjustable, portable and even various style choices. The options allow you to find a custom hoop that meets your needs perfectly. has a nice selection of specialty basketball hoops. We understand that sometimes the traditional hoop will not do and that you need us to go a step further and provide you with more options. That is why we offer you a choice in specialty basketball hoops.

Options and choices are important when you are choosing a basketball hoop, especially a specialty basketball hoop. The whole point of buying a specialty hoop is to get the hoop that is customized to your needs. You can not get by with a traditional style and need something different so you need choices. You need the ability to choose from different backboards, goals and other features.

You should also recognize the importance of a well built hoop. You want a specialty hoop that is built to last. Every detail of construction helps to ensure the hoop will be strong and durable. Make sure that you check out the construction and look for any signs that the construction may be weak.

It is important to not sacrifice safety when buying your specialty hoop. You may be tempted to buy a hoop because it is neat with some great features, but you also need to ensure that any hoop you buy is safe. The last thing you want is a player hurt by an unsafe hoop.

Lastly, you need to make sure that you are getting a good value. You want the most for your money without sacrificing quality. Value means you get the best that you can get. You are getting something that will last and work for you, but that also that you can afford.

At you will get everything you need. We focus on your needs and help to ensure that every hoop you buy from us is the hoop that meets your needs. We strive to make sure every hoop we make is made from the best materials and with the best craftsmanship.

We also want you to enjoy shopping with us. We have created a great website that is easy to use. You get pictures and detailed descriptions that will allow you to see exactly what you are buying. You also will find our catalog is well organized and set up for easy navigation. In addition we have customer service agents that are well trained and very knowledgeable standing by to help you anytime you need them. is the place for all your basketball needs. We want to be the only place that you shop for basketball equipment. We know that you will be happy every time you shop because your satisfaction is our top priority. We work for you and we bring you only the best.

Specialty Basketball Hoops